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This is a basic website with some of my personal family videos, and will soon have photos, and perhaps written articles. It federates with web sites compatible with Activity Pub. ( The federation code used on this website is based on or copied from Mike Macgirvin's work.

Although this site is federated, it's not intended to be a "typical social networking site" like Twitter:

If you received a connection request from me, it is because you (or, your federated server, at your command) sent your message to my inbox. If I didn't see you in my connections list, then I sent you a connection request. I presume if you sent your messages to my server, then you wanted to connect. (?) If you don't accept, that's fine, it's no biggie. If you believe you have sent me messages in error, please contact your server administrator. I have not scoured any directories or scraped websites looking for your contact information.


As of today, Friday the 1st, I have received 11,370,802 messages from your servers. From those incoming messages, I've sent 12,575 connection requests, and 8,866 of those were accepted. (I hadn't expected more than a few, however it seems many people choose to send their messages to my inbox on my federated server. The amount of messages coming into my inbox torched my VPS and I relocated the site to what the kids call a "Bare Metal" server.)

I'm collecting stats to report on ecological decay. here

Here's an article I wrote on Medium.


If you have any questions or comments, you can always email me at, XMPP at xmpp://, IRC at irc://,isnick, or Signal/WhatsApp +18299143703. If you want to telephone please dial 1-650-209-7836, however, please note: I answer the phone when I know the caller.

10x refers to the Greek prefix.